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11 Apartments of Life – How powerful

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11 Apartments of Life; defining learning across life

Apartment One:

In this words of understanding i.e. 11 apartment of life would relate to closeness to real life moments and incidents. Everything big in life comes FREE believe it or not. Like for inhaling oxygen from atmosphere we do not have to pay bill for that at all; but same oxygen when supplied in care centers would cost us dearly but that oxygen when you need in time of need would save your life, that is quite questionable

Most of us might have seen or somewhere heard of at least what is called SOLAR energy which is really useful for all of us but tapping that energy and then converting for our use, do you really think that much of awareness has been laid upon that; if we have to use that energy someday which is absolutely free, HOW wonderful that be… using 12–15 hours AC in our room and guess what you don’t have to pay penny for that, how amazingly BLESSED would that be.

CENTER WORDS: “Respect, understand and explore more that is freely available to us in life rather than take that blessing in disguise for granted”

Whole of words and thoughts what we generate or create daily, if we really start writing that in our personal notebook, it is quite surprising that 80–90% of thoughts are about those things which we don’t have in life at present. Interpret like this, out of 24 hours, if we are awake for about 15 hours generally, we are thinking or searching about things which we don’t have for about astounding 12.5 hours or more. That’s quite amazing sense of HATE which we inculcate in daily routine. (Please excuse me those who disagree with this fact, as you are really genius in my sense, please carry on with your life routine)

I am no one to teach or make you aware of this fact but that was quite uncommon for me to know when I got to know this. Flip side is like this, if I spend my time in feeling good about what I have, I would definitely not become MILLIONAIRE for sure but I can really put a “no-returning valve” to this need and want thought at least.

Apartment Two:

CENTER WORDS: “If there is a formula for success, it definitely lies with us only and nowhere else”

It in turn means that we are able to define success in our terms; it is or has to be defined by us so that the success has its fruits which we have to like it otherwise some illiterate people close to you or unknown to you would coax you to like it much.

Before that I would like to define what success is and how it changes persons to person:

Category 1: this category of people would definitely make success a simile with amount of Money they have earned or they have with them. Definitely here I would not talk about the liquid or floating assets as here I am not talking about accounts nor I am qualified in that. This category blatantly rely on the amount of money they have made or earned per day and how they can spend on various things i.e. on their daily habits, shopping carnival, there indulgence with money and things which directly BOASTS there little EGO. (This is not bad till the time EGO is handled carefully with care and bye the way, this is the cause of most corporate bickering’s on email or verbal)

Category 2: success is here tolerated according to the situation which came in life i.e. situations in life has made so tolerable that whatever they have become/achieved that has become success on their own as they were unable to achieve which they wanted in life. I would definitely not call this as failure because they strived for it but some it is not attained due to various reasons.

Category 3: success here is like a burning fire that has to be extinguished with its type of element only i.e. fire has to be stopped with its relevant method only like if there is a fire on flammable material, the method of extinguishing is exactly same as described. They have patience to wait for it till they have achieved what they wanted with life. So the common factor for such people is that they have that CRAZINESS/EXCITEMENT/OBSTINATE NATURE which guides them like a guiding star or fuel them daily/everyday

Category 4: they have habit of procrastinating/ blaming; related to success and things which were not achieved smallest to biggest in life. Most obnoxious nature is that if it is mixed with short tempered type, then it is quite inflammatory to see or tolerate.

So the bottom line is that word success is different from person to person and I strongly say that. Like people who have achieved lot of money in life (I call it as derivative of success) would at later stage in life would definitely look for real success again; for some it would be mental peace, becoming singer post studying and practicing MBBS, MD, becoming astrologer along with their career, doing PHD in psychology post you have become scientist.

To further define this quite alternatively, I would say when we close our mind for some time i.e. sitting leisurely anywhere and heart and mind( lead by heart) takes you to that corner of thought which soothes so dearly, that’s what is I call success. Definitely it is not common for all even in same family members too born with same mother and father

Apartment Three

CENTER WORDS: “Manner in which we begin our day, defines our whole life”

It is like the way you enter a plane or train with what thought patter, sooner or later your weak inhibition certainly going to come true.

“We are energy field in this world which is full of energy and when we culminate some energy in our selves through thoughts, it has to come true as we defined it somehow”

Ideal way would be if someone who holds negative energy all the time should desperately try this which worked with me in some point in life. Take up a locket, wrist band, or some unbreakable object small enough which can be hanged in a string or can be put it around your hand or neck. Next, in all 14–15 hours when you are awake, try to hold that locket or object at least 1–2 hours and at that moment, please make a stop to those thoughts. It would definitely yield some good results when implemented with strong determination. Suggestion with people who are strongly negative, please do this when you start your day daily.

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