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“My Experiences with facebook Account Page”

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FACEBOOK experience, this is my personal account experience as of now

Well most users are familiar with experience right from their school days & the latter generations from their college, but new comers who are still in school have their experience with from their school itself

All have account with even from the age of even 8 years onwards but the fact is down below:

Women are the most frequent users of Facebook, with 75% of women versus 63% of men using the platform on desktop or mobile devices (2021)

  • 51% of people aged 13-17
  • 76% of people aged 18-24
  • 84% of people aged 25-30
  • 79% of people aged 31-49
  • 68% of people aged 50-64
  • 46% of people aged 65+

Data source:

With, one can create account for himself or herself; along with that one can make facebook page for self and business too. Well, for naming facebook page, the address one can get again depends on if that name is available at that moment or someone has not taken that name. The address would look like this:”desiredname

This information to that audience who does not know this as facebook page can be created for individuals too which I really didn’t know at all.

“Facebook page can be used for multipurpose for all, as per there desired need or popularity”

I never used facebook prior to this time as when I felt need for creating webpage to promote my website along with creating awareness for natural beauty products.

Now comes the moment of truth:

When I owned this facebook page, I never thought that this would be my experience with facebook which is quite frustrating for me and I say for all users too I guess.


I have a facebook page where I have more than 500 followers and liking of more than 500 users. Now some intellectuals would say those liking and followers are all organic or inorganic, yes it is a mixture of both (for those who don’t know what is organic or inorganic is this: inorganic followers are those who are created with help of facebook ads and reverse of this is organic)

Even if you have 500 followers and you have more likes, it does not mean that when you post something, it would reach to all and yes you are assured that your audience knows your presence and you are climbing up that ladder of familiarity- NOT AT ALL

Facebook even controls your reach by controlling your audience reach when you post any article or information in facebook page. Ideally, when you have more followers, your content should be reached to all but it is not truth with this giant group/company. To reach your audience or more, again you have to pay for this and engage in facebook ads to get that reach, what a GAME?

I am completely surprised to know that this is a fact and researched on internet why this is happening! To my surprise, lot of people had already researched this fact and published their findings about the same. Please find below:

  1. Why Facebook Organic Reach Is Declining?
  2. Facebook Reach in 2020: how many people see your posts?
  3. Facebook reach algorithm?

Facebook reach algorithm

Well, to know this face is quite frustrating that even working so hard for your page and putting all genuine content does not work out as everything is controlled by those big giants

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