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“Website Traffic – what it means to beginners”

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“ Website Traffic”; what actually website traffic means and how it would impact someone existence in this world of INTERNET

This is my struggle for website traffic which started with this effort to make money online from to have more earning

          Well it seems much easier to make money from than it is; because when you actually upload your first video into, what is your reaction:

  • First thing in the morning what you do, you log into your account and check for views, did you get any views ( first day) All premonitions comes to mind as what ideas can make you earn that $ amount in this week

  • Two days down the line, people around you get surprised to see your dedication you make for this activity, besides they don’t know what is your frustration

  • One week down the line, you see views people get for their videos; to you your videos are awesome but still they don’t get views, But WHY? Saddest part is that you don’t even let your parents or friends know as what you doing online, because you are about to become millionaire secretly!!

  • Two weeks passed by, views for your videos haven’t reached three figures yet; starts with feeling of frustration now to outmost. Now you hate even seeing some ones videos and even giving them unnecessary views

  • Six weeks passed, you haven’t moved yet in views and your partner is looking for your work status, hows its going? Your answer is ok, yes its not ok for sure as you are proving to be failure for

  • Seventh week, its not your flair to make videos and earn money as you don’t want others to know that you making videos, quite frustrating it is. So is it D day for my journey in, now you get to the fundamentals? How much any one makes in i.e. per 1000 views….ohh quite frustrating to know but my effort is worth a million dollars. What to do, just leave it!!

  • Frustration sources: daily expenditures remain same and finances and savings are burning up fast, no income from past so many days

Nothing is easy and nothing is ok unless until if you can crack it easy, like understanding calculus in school and college, it is more frustrating to see that ugly looking chicken guy is giving that look of ignorance to you for not knowing so easy calculus?

Now with another attempt on blogging site:

  • Suddenly I discovered that I am good at writing stories, articles and blogs, why to wait, blogging is my healer

  • Now start writing about anything that is coming in my mind, well wrote a MILLION Dollar page, now if it gets paid or not, its blogger to know not me but my effort is worth a million dollar, well SAID ( why did I wait more than seven weeks on

  • Blogger showed me my status when it said it won’t allow me to earn unless I have traffic on my blog, well I thought that it was blogger responsibility altogether (Quite a surprise for me)

  • Here come three letters SEO, what the heck!! But this is the game buddy. People are earning lots of money by this word, at least they show like that on Youtube and this blogger and

  • Well, spending more time on internet with no gain at all till date. People tend to make fun of you on videos  by saying “ it is extremely easily to earn $100-$300 a day by this …lot of laundry list activities, that really pumps more blood into my heart to hear and see

  • Finally blogger says you have to do all i.e. Meta Tags, URL Slugs, page SEO, select SEO enabled topic on your own, and I thought that is default with them, another gimmick!! Welcome to this world of Internet Earning, “People use your inability to know more information  about certain topics” To surprise, some people stand for this comment and say it is ok, I term them SATANS, did you people that SATAN…

  • So here come another thing into picture, the big word ADSENSE– well this was like another final exam to see and hear about on internet from all. Well I was more surprised to see that people from smallest towns were clearer of this word than me who is from metro, what a shame!! Now how much they knew about this is an inference which needs to be validated

  • Well even after writing more than 30 pages, ADSENSE denied access to me. Well this was another sense of failure which I noticed. On other side, people are still claiming to earn $100-$300 per day from internet and I am worth nothing. Felt like if I had that shift+delete option for them, GOD!!

  • Then another setback came as when got to know that you cannot monetize blogger site as per your wish which everyone says on internet and videos. In between, there are other sites like, & others too which claim to make money for all but this was not applicable for me. So shameful!!

Well, there are other way to earn money but real sense of know how people won’t tell you unless you pay for it in form or Course, online learning, package, membership and all

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