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“Earning Money Ways – best without Investment”

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Earn Money Online | Blogging |Earn money without investment

To all readers here, this article can be a Guide for all before jumping into Internet to Earn Money Online

Earn money online | Blogging: this line is exploited by all on internet i.e. Google. You would be surprised to see that none of them yield or give you some Valuable input. For example, if you look for earn money online without investment for students; this would again give you no result which one can use (nothing valuable which can give you some inputs to Earn or Earn from Home)

You would see these terms on Internet:

  • Earn money online without investment
  • Earn money online by typing
  • Earn money from Internet
  • Earn Money without working
  • Earn Money game
  • Earn Money online App
  • Earn Money online $10 a day
  • Earn money by watching videos
  • Earn Money by playing games
  • Earn money online Free
  • Earn Money jobs
  • Earn Money in India
  • Earn money by typing
  • Earn money by blogging
  • Earn money monthly upto 1 lakh
  • Earn Money money online for students

So all these terms are of instant attraction/earn money for anyone to click and get to know what is there for me. Basically there is no one in this world who would shell out money free to you in easy way

Earn Money Online | Blogging |Earn money without investment

Blogging for money ( earn money ): Believe me this side of profession is not easy or as it is shown to you on internet/ Well if you do not believe me start your journey with these free blog sites which are used for blogging to earn money:

If you are able to earn money by blog or blog writing, you would be one lucky person in million to earn within 3 months

For that one has to understand meaning of following:

  • Blogging (earn money)
  • Blogger in hindi
  • Blog ideas to earn money

All of these to be first understood by anyone who wishes to go for this or wants to earn money online. This is a profession or career which demands application of deep know of how to earn money online & how this market moves from roots, BELIEVE ME!!

Apart from blogging, one can choose or try other options for earning or earn money in lockdown. They are as follows:

All there options require very minimum options to start with or some do not even need any investment to start with i.e. affiliate marketing to earn money, web hosting to earn money – which means you can use web hosting for free sites too

Choose facebook page create (helps to earn money online- example) and get to know lot more things like facebook page manager, facebook page monetization eligibility – which means when you would start earning from that page or how would you earn money from this activity.

Website or website hosting service, one can earn money from that too in case you are willing to invest in it how. You can book a domain which can be asset in near future( domain is address which is used for website access like gmail, yahoo or amul). It costs less than Rs 500 to 800 and that domain can be used as long term investment in case someone asks for you to sell, you can deman price as per market need.  You can check these details in these websites like hostgator, bluehost or hostinger

From Instagram, know that Instagram pays money for your account provided it satisfies some requirement of followers- now you would get to know why people are so desperately ask friends or known/unknown colleagues to follow them on Instagram;this is also a new method now a days to earn money online. Actually, when you have required followers, you can charge cost from endorsement/advertisers for single post in favor of them ( well, some of you might not know this method to earn online for sure)

Rest options like Pexels & Unsplash, here you upload pictures and get paid when someone uses that as donation or you  can make that stock photos sells ( another easy option to earn money online- in case if one feels uncomfortable to appear before camera)

Use Gmail account more wisely as it offers more than you expect, seriously as it can be another way to earn money online, provided you know how to.

For information, look for six dots arranged like square, click there you would get know how much your single login id can give you which are ideally free, believe me instead of watching videos online on youtube would not yield you anything instead yields to them who made those videos, learn ways to earn money in free time i.e. travelling, on treadmill, morning walks or where you are comfortable.

MeWe– a social media networking site which is gaining popularity all across world, there are some unique features which are available other than any other social media sites ( use mewe signup). Know about this site too which is REDDIT. There is always a ground rule which I believe in to earn money, do not follow someone’s footsteps, create your own as following someone would give you only left overs and person would become your biggest reason to earn money less.

If you like to take your effort for youtube only, please have a look to this site called as socialblade, which is a kind of directory of all users of different social media account with their earnings(approximate). It would definitely give a glimpse of what people are earning, and accept it that there is some contribution of yours too to make them RICH – turn this clock your side to earn money from today

While doing all these options, do look for this site called as dropbox which can be used for data storage and also for data storage & sharing online too, this can be a biggest tool website for someone to earn money online at this time

Now, sharing all topics/keywords on which most bloggers write on and it does attract web traffic to finally earn money online:

  • Blogging v/s youtube
  • Blogging course
  • Meditation
  • Meditation for beginners
  • Blogging course in hindi
  • Sadhguru, sadhguru books, sadhguru quotes
  • Indian Economy
  • US stock market
  • Online stores
  • iphone 12
  • iphone 11 pro
  • iphone se
  • Samsung a50
  • samsung galaxy
  • samsung galaxy watch
  • mobiles under 20000
  • dslr camera
  • air hostess
  • windows 11
  • windows 11 microsoft
  • windows 11 upgrade
  • windows 10
  • troubleshoot windows 10
  • hindi to english translation
  • hindi typing online
  • twitch prime – what it is?
  • Teamviewer
  • youtube video downloader
  • meme generator
  • meme templates
  • memes Indian
  • indian food
  • easy indian food recipies
  • food blogs
  • what is hashtag
  • healthy food
  • baby names
  • baby names Indian
  • Indian culture
  • Earn money
  • Earn Money Online
  • Earn money by social media
  • Earn Money at home
  • Earn Money in lockdown
  • Earn Money while you sleep
  • Earn Money from Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest & Mix

Before making any blog, make sure it is well researched and contains all validated (to an extent) information

More Information: Before you venture into blog writing, just try to think in this regard: what people are searching for:- is it earn money online or is it some learning related to online tools.

Earn Money Online | Blogging |Earn money without investment
Earn Money Online | Blogging |Earn money without investment

There are thousands of sites which claim to provide information and do nothing, so it is a basic rule to provide Valuable information to reader of website/blog

Before jumping to this option of Earn Money Online | Blogging |Earn money without investment, do carefully take consideration of your time and money as no one shells out money to any one.

Also, rude fact is that you would not be given a smallest tip to earn money which anyone would claim highly

Lastly, to conclude, know that if you work really hard to pave your way to earn money online, believe me; you would become what you dream of now with open eyes day and night

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