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Meditation and its understanding for all for free

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Meditation & its understanding – Chitta/Attention – both intertwined

For most of the learners of meditation, this word might sound new and almost like faintest imagination but do take note of this word which is the most pivotal word of all times, as per Hindu religion. In this article, Meditation and its understanding for all for free, note to get a understanding of one key element in meditation which most approximately 95% people would not know it till date

This word describes the inner most consciousness of a person who is meditating; one who is meditating has to first control his/her Chitta which is the first qualifier for next level in meditation

  • Mother of all know how and skills is this word called as Chitta or Attention
  • This makes a focussed goal for any person who have command over his Chitta or attention
  • By this Chitta or attention, Indian sages did time travel to unravel unknown mysteries

What is Dhyana:

When the powers of the intellect and the heart are harmoniously blended, that is Dhayana. All creativity proceeds from it and its good and beautiful result benefit mankind

Dhyana is the full integration of the contemplator, the act of contemplation and the object contemplated upon becoming one

Dhyana is discovery of SELF

Note that:  lotus is symbolic of meditation. It symbolises purity. Its quiet beauty has given it a prime place in Indian religious thought

The stage of meditation is like of lotus bud hiding its inner beauty while awaiting transformation into a full blown lotus.

Dhyana is a subjective experience of an objective state. It is difficult to describe the experience in words, for words are inadequate to do so.

As per Google Mahaguru, Chitta or Attention is:

Citta is a Sanskrit word meaning “consciousness” and is derived from the root word, cit, meaning “to perceive.” It is all that is perceived and all that can be perceived. Consciousness is the space that holds all perceivable things. Citta may also be thought of as Spirit

To readers here, Citta is Chitta here to have more phonetic correct word

Meditation & Chitta

What is Chitta in meditation?

Chitta in mediation is the most important aspect to be noted of; as a practical know how used, would like to elaborate the most used or practical side of this word

This is basically refers to that intellect of man’s mind which basically governs all functions besides eyes open.

For example: driving to home does not require any intellect or skill because even someone is talking to someone on call, would drive back home from office without any use of intellect as that part of brain is called as SUBCONSCIOUS mind, a better explanation for me or someone else to understand

Meditation and its understanding for all for free, what do I mean here to let readers know the importance of this word called as Chitta / Attention in detail. Would definitely not refer that information which is already available on internet; always like to have practical aspect of information which can be used by any one in daily life

Most questions people ask or wish to know are:

what to think about while meditating?

what is the feeling when you meditate?

Types of meditation?

How do you do meditation?

what exactly does meditation do to your body and mind?

Yoga meditation?

Most questions mentioned above are already answered in article “Meditate easily without GURU at home for free” and also some aspects of Chitta and its usage while meditating but to control it to govern our life is what is taught in meditation. I hope now being a reader of this article one would know that there is a deep link between meditation and Chitta as both are intertwined to each other from birth

One cannot attain fruit of meditation if he/she is not able to control Chitta/attention for even 10 minutes; why people are not able to attain some stages in meditation; this is the most cardinal reason for it

Would also dispute here as there are any stages to meditation, definitely there are stages of Chitta or attention when someone progresses in meditation with Chitta. When someone is able to control Chitta in meditation, it feels like a journey or act of enjoyment for that person. 

How do you practice Chitta?

You do need to practice Chitta or attention while meditating, it is generally disturbed for all as that way of our life teaches to be controlling all acts of life i.e. one who can control all things in life is successful. So for this act of oblivion, every one of us keeps trying this till last breadth. One should employ same technique as discussed in article “Meditate easily without GURU at home for free”, as that is more powerfull than any other technique


  • An embryo in mother’s womb takes all 9 months without hurry to get into baby shape
  • A sapling takes ample time to develop into tree without any hurry
  • Night takes its sweet time to become morning without any hurry
  • Our youth takes its own time to develop into middle age and then maturity

For understanding, nature never hurries yet everything falls in its place without any error without being judgemental

So practising Chitta first step is to “let go that strings which are attached to our hand as always”. Remember even if we worry or not worry, we would get old, one would become aged, one has to work hard to earn money, woman has to have that labour pain to given birth, one has to die to attain next birth.

  • So sitting and enjoying this state of fullness is the first step
  • Sitting in comfortable position is must but not sleeping position for sure
  • See blessings besides us before starting i.e. the way heart is beating in us, way kidney, liver, lungs functioning in us, these are million dollar marker for us to be happy while at this moment
  • Just closing eyes and taking Chitta or attention all around our body inside without any error of deflection can be termed as perfect command of Chitta for starters
  • Remember to enjoy that state of bliss when you do that tour of body parts, with smile and becoming happy for all what you observe and witness
  • Just remember to stay in that state with guiding your Chitta step by step wherever you want it to go

(Do let me know in case someone still feels error in these stages)

Meditation and World of Chitta

One has to become sensitive to thoughts which come and go while all day. It means whatever one lets to enter into their mind, it harvests more just because of this Word called as Chitta

The more CHITTA on whatever thought or action, more it develops in life

Example of thoughts or actions:

  1. Anger
  2. Jealousy
  3. Hatred
  4. Greed
  5. More money than near dear one
  6. Sex
  7. Power
  8. Porn
  9. Crime
  10. Drugs
  11. Fights
  12. Abuse

Practical action or Experiment:

See try to control Chitta on watching TV with some games, now in some time watch your actions after some time, It would result in watching TV and spending at least 2-3 hours

Same try with have thoughts or having couple of drinks with friends and give more Chitta to that, it would again results according to that only

With this Chitta, one can relate oneself to whatever means or surface of thoughts. Now, even Quantum science has also proved that after death, one’s consciousness moves into another world

Now coming back to Meditation, one should always try to do these things for better fruit always:

  • First and foremost, when you in most outward mood, do try to control your mind by meditation first then try to get into meditation mode later
  • As discussed earlier, meditation is a journey rather your personalized journey which cannot be driven by someone else i.e. someone else is driver
  • Always try to do meditation while sitting on floor if your body allows, because there is a round of connection between earth and our body while doing meditation, just like Sun & moon has connection to our body and body cycle
  • If one can or afford, please do meditation twice in a day and before sleep, try to do this activity as this can for sure cure one’s addiction to pills in some time
  • Before doing meditation, believe that one cannot get more or less in life as destined, do whatever you want to
  • One has to be happy before starting this  personal process for their self
  • Meditation involved patience a lot, which means you cannot travel to this activity in hurry like any gym activity or treadmill running, you have to be patient enough to get benefit out of it with ease i.e. when your body and mind and acting in tandem
  • We are one of our kind and believe me, there are lot of things around us to prove that we are not worthless in this world, only activity which proves and accepts us as we are is meditation. That is the reason I say it is not like a laundry list activity which can be applied to all with like physical training activity
  • If possible have some essence in the room where you do this activity, as later in stage your brain would start associating this essence with meditation always, kind of placebo effect on our brain without doing anything

There would be lot of experiences from all shades of people but it does not make a difference in any one’s life till date some practical experiences of someone which shared if impacts lot of people  in first or second time

In meditation there is no seeking or searching, as the soul and goal have become one. The nectar of infinite must be tasted the abundant grace of the lord within must be experienced. Then the soul becomes one with the universal soul.

Before proceedings to the technique of Dhyana, one should be careful to differentiate between the emptiness and tranquillity of the senses on one hand, and the illumination and serenity of the spirit on the other.

Meditation is the technique of inter-penetrating the five sheaths (kosas) of the sadahaka to blend them into one harmonious whole

The body is known as the city of Brahma with nine gates i.e. eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, anus and the reproductive organ.

Note that:

The key to the technique of meditation lies in keeping brain as passive observer

Experiences: In meditation, the mind traces its origin and comes to rest there as a child rests on the lap of mother.

Meditation abolishes the polarity between the analytical dominant consciousness of the front brain and the receding sub-consciousness and un- consciousness of the back brain

Thank you for reading!!

So keep reading and keep practising!!

Reach out to me for any help or understanding this activity, as I enjoy this, one should also enjoy this activity

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