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How to lose weight-for-beginners

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how to lose weight-for-beginners; this is journey which starts with acceptance by person that he/she has put on some extra weight according to their height

Weight Loss meaning – did you know?

Weight loss is an activity which can be maintained with change in lifestyle unless there is some metabolism issue which is leading to weight increase ( avoid considering
weight loss medicine)

Weight Loss – how to lose weight without dieting

Here we talking about weight lose tips / weight loss diet:

  • Right from child hood to adolescent, we are in a spree to eat whenever we get time; even a pinch of hunger is always fed with full stomach food (No I am here not talking about what type of food you ate)

  • There are so much information there on internet which does talk about weight loss with structured mechanism i.e. talks about vitamins intake, protein intake as how much we need to take and how much is needed per day per person as per weight ( please refer those site if you are vitamin lover for that context )
  • You cannot lose weight unless until you are determined by some extra effective mind effect – some pain in mind i.e. somebody commented about your weight, some commitment to your loved one, preparing for that special day as such

  • So I would suggest, before jumping into weight loss diet regime or weight loss journey, please stick or get some that extra kick into your mind as mentioned above which would drive you to control you at the time of losing battle ( consider this as weight loss hack)
    • Now, if there is some day you are preparing for or targeting, then its ok otherwise you can decide some date in your calendar and mark that date as round ( seems childish but it works)
    • Now, note that weight loss is not an overnight process or monthly process but it takes time the way you have gained weight with time, same way you would lose weight with time. Yes you can measure weight loss with month passing by
    • Make a base level measurement when you are starting i.e. measure your weight and then mark that as 0 Counter from where you start and then make your journey (weight loss before and after)
    • So countering first month with some tips, measure your weight as how much you have lost in this gone month

  • weight loss quote: “Weight loss is an awareness of your age with weight you are holding” it happens this way, we grow by age and our dietary habits remain the same
    • At teenage, dietary food appetite was more or less was to eat more anything
    • At young age of 20’s, we eat anything from meat product to snacks and fast food to fill that empty stomach
    • Now, at age of 30’s & 40’s, it is basic tendency to have little relax attitude towards anything which was done with enthusiasm in 20’s i.e. playing in court, running that yard in morning, playing that game of tennis or soccer match. All these activities become little tiring and withhold ourselves for all this activity
    • Now at age of late 40’s and early 50’s that’s where impact of dietary habits continued at 20’s, 30’s and 40’s come into picture. Now, basic surprising fact to note is that habit of playing is lost completely but filling stomach to full is still there
    • Now, eating same food with calorie, protein or vitamin rich food at this age, do you really need it- if someone is saying yes, what you are doing to digest or churn that food from body- example by any chance, do you ever sweat in day for 10 minutes, well answer would be no. This fact goes for both MEN and WOMEN both
    • Eating food and churning that food to end, it is completely missing
  • Get into this habit of eating half stomach or 60% stomach full stomach every time, when you eat. Ideally, we saying that you would eat 60 gm of food in case you use to eat 100 gm. Now it would yield something good to body- there would be less food for body to digest and your mechanism of digesting food have to work less 40% every time you eat food ( rest, please do the math’s, as how much you would rest every time you have food)
  • (weight loss at home) If someone can have that privilege financially, please do this: have food and fruits as much as you can- eat more fruits and vegetables before food 60% to 70% and post that eat your food. You would notice that even after having food post one hour, you would feel hungry as food is digested and you ideally ate you daily food less because you ate more fruits and vegetables which out body identifies easily

  • You would find more information on internet as what to eat to have weight loss; I would not talk about that as it is rather information BLAST at this time but as how to lose weight easily without affecting your body metabolically, it is a desired fact. Anything starts with daily routine and it cannot be disciplined up to clock wise schedule. So when you are in weight loss mode, monitor your urge for food. Monitor I mean, eat when you are feeling hungry but eat more raw vegetables and fruits and post that eat your food i.e. eat 60% only as discussed above
  • REMEMBER, our body needs food always as it is like a car, which would not run without gas at all. But to surprise, we fill the gas and switch on the engine of this car (body) but never move anywhere, how is that!! Even finest car would give up if it is not made to run and fed gas every day three time a day but without movement at all
  • Most of the diseases –dis –ease is caused by stress and later the type and amount of food is ate all the time by us
  • Also, if someone is really keen to keep his/her body healthy always, develop this habit to remain in fasting mode once a week for 24 hours i.e. 24 hours ( there are several researches which proves this fact as beneficial for complete body make up and maintenance- don’t trust me as it is- google it please)

Remember and follow these steps for 8 weeks in a row, observe do you feel light and then monitor your weight week on week basis, surely you would be surprised as how easy it was to LOSE WEIGHT ( Now, ask yourself what is the amount you would have paid for this weight loss?)

As someone said rightly:

You don’t need to eat less; you just need to eat right “QUANTITY” every time

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