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What is Human Resources- Fundamental know how

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Human Resources; gateway to company’s inside or outside world with responsibility of attaining employee satisfaction from inside out

HUMAN RESOURCES – Human Resources (HR) Definition is well known for the most outstanding role in making of any company from inside and outside too. When we firmly say that it is responsible from outside too this means that whenever any entry of new employee in the company is there, it is the most pivotal and most ardent responsibility of HR only.

Out of this role, it is HR responsibility to monitor, control and sustain healthy environment from inside too. Since I am completely speaking from my seen and known experiences across different companies I have worked for so this may differ in opinion from person to person.

lets understand “What is Human Resources- Fundamental know how”:

For me this department is the maker of company from inside rather than from outside. Let me explain why? Even if there was pressure in HR regarding mass recruitment which happened when some client came to company, so they hired people with herds of sheep with no out most screening though some fundamental screening did happen

Human resources department is the transformation house; this is the department whose smallest member is an ambassador or company
Human Resources (HR) Definition


  • Maintaining vision clear among employees ( though this step has to start from HR head itself because without home grown best practices and tools, it would be like teaching tools which owner itself has not tested. In most of the concerns, we would see there is a river like GAP between a simple HR executive to reach HR head for any reason. In some Good known companies, it is considered as escalating a hierarchy. Though these people itself talk about “open and employee friendly” culture
  • Very vision of Management and ideas is promptly defeated at the HR desk only. With the advent of hierarchy, sometime it sometimes seems like all are living in world of “untouchables” cause reaching and reacting to anyone higher in role in department itself is considered a “Taboo”. Now HR have all tools of words to blame back management for revenue target for HR cost yearly as someone has to sit across the desk when review would happen ( now point to think is that for that one day, all 365 days of the year is burnt alive living in hell)
  • Different sections of this department and their respective roles do get affected due to some ill-fated attitude of HR head. The moment head word comes into the title, it seems like a dumb cap is worn by holder and suddenly turns into muddle head. May be this norm of head or being the role head is result of what he/she might have seen in the past too but that does not pay at all. I would say role of revenue target is like a scope method, like without it, everything becomes null and void. Example: if there is no scope boundary in football field, it would definitely end up without any result. But everywhere it seems like a tool to defend their back when someone has to question them back in direct relation to company culture
  • HR recruitment- a big role on shoulders of less passionate human beings: How many times have we seen that HR person taking interview is passionate about meeting people rather than completing his/her target.  Most of the people you would come across in HR interviews is that they have that “mind blowing” monkey on their head as they the “guardian of heaven”. I am pleasantly surprised to see that punitive habit they have in their looks which really kills at the outset of the recruitment process. Ideally this would never do any harm to the employee itself but definitely it is going to harm the host company( some would have other side of thought on this which I completely disagree) because employee fate is not with this company as definitely candidate would get any job in this
  • Biggest measuring error in recruitment; consistency among recruiters: if there is an scale which can measure the consistency among recruiters then surprising results can be visible everywhere in all companies. Worst part is that “opportunity lost” is not with entry level positions but at high up in hierarchy tree. Companies should have a ghost recruitment measuring sessions in every week with all recruiters which would yield a much beneficial results which cannot be imagined
  • Peanut distribution time of the year: The most important month in any company is the month of appraisals and at this time of year, the two departments which should be on high alert are “HR” and “Technology”. To surprise, is not my intent to name IT department at this time of year but to have a clear base understanding as where this HR originates from at this time of year. To our surprise, most of the companies have still not switched to ERP method in terms of appraisal mechanism and in fact those companies who have opted for ERP for appraisals have low based tools and security mechanisms. IT plays a pivotal role to protect this data right from months 9th onwards as data starts to skew post 6 months onwards
  • Company ambassador: To any employee in any department, right from HR to admin and transport to finance, the only person who represents “company” to him/her is their immediate reporting senior. Now comes the real game; being an ambassador of company where we work and get paid monthly, how we can negate positive things about while at general talks even at time of relaxing too. To our surprise, most negative bitching stats when are at relax mode or high pressurized more i.e. out at company parties or at the time of monthly performance reviews. But the basic sense which is always lacked in our ambassadors is that they don’t know most of the policies and are completely unaware about changes happening at management end. Now who’s to blame is another task but it is the case most of the time. Being an employee, he/she doesn’t not know at what level of stress or anger/ego you are suffering from at some point of time but practically you are ambassador of company and you are getting paid for it ( believe it or not) Thought this topic is quite a long point which can be elaborated for days but it is true this is where our most of the exit interviews get stuck
  • Exit Interviews: this is the time of year where you can get the real truth i.e. black and white if it is handled with care. Most of the employees who leave organization leave some out of the earth reasons before leaving and which does not even correlate to the situation which is prominent for them. Also to blame, there are no set procedures to conduct exit interviews in most concerns though they talk about this a lot. Some companies have this option of re-hire which is really a relevant option to include. If this exit interviews are formalized in a professional manner, it can be directly linked to lot of appraisals issues for managers and seniors. For example, people management skill of ambassador, approach-ability, open environments, resolving issues and problem solving skills
  • Last to include at this juncture is “defined guidelines or policies for everything happening or can happen in the company”: biggest to biggest company would definitely miss certain policies or procedures as how to handle situations which are not common though management openly leave this to senior management claiming as that is their responsibility to do or execute. But in reality, if all defined policies or procedures are there, it would be as per management decisions as how they want things to happen because all policies and procedures are have to be verified and approved by management ( but it is still lacking in all aspects everywhere)

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