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“Steps to Make Women happy”

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Top 5 Steps that makes women happy, know facts about women life yet it is hidden or rather taken away from our daily knowledge

Steps that makes women happy

A) Carry your happiness with you

if your happiness is looking for someone’s shoulder, mend your ways

you are perfect at current stage and would be more perfect at latter stage in life

You can make yourself happy or sad with your smile or with your words

B) You feel happiness when you see happiness around you

there is a way of happiness hunting in a world of happiness jungle. Now where is this happiness jungle

This place is everywhere around us especially women as we only can see happiness floating around us. We have that capability to see happiness in smallest things around us. We are colors of life and yet we look for colors in others


  1. count 10 things around you?
  2. which one of them is limited in number?
  3. how do you thank for this abundance?
  4. do you ever know these things existed?
  5. Do you like to continue? How?
  6. Now at least thank for what you have and smile? Now does it make you happy?

C) We have more choices to make than men

  1. if you are feeling unhappy at this time currently, you chose this in recent past
  2. if you had choice for choosing, why did you chose this and why?
  3. you make your choice feel bad because of option A (right at start)
  4. We live in more fiction world than men
  5. why do we need someone’s support for happiness state?

D) Our mother taught us

Don’t let that linger on you, that this habit mother taught you.

DISCLAIMER: “ intelligence does not depend on age” i.e. not necessary if someone who has become old, is learned or can take wise decisions

E) Last but least “ We are good friend of our self” first than others

everything in life starts with I which means us, so if life has to start with happiness than it has to start with me from inside than someone other than me


“Women complete this world as we bring colors to palette of life”

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