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How to Earn Money Online – for free

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Earn Money Online, all the myths & ways which are floating on Internet, are they for Real?

It does not matter who you are and which side of earth you are, there are top 10 myths to earn money online which no one would really share with any one easily

Myth A: Earn Money Online How

Myth B: Earn money Online App

Myth C: Earn Money Online Free

Most of the people and blog, Vlog or articles which are floating on internet are just another medium to increase the level of frustration for general public more; No one would disclose the real method or rather increase the level of hatred more for world around us

Earn Online
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Yes this is true, if you are looking for some opportunity to EARN MONEY ONLINE; this is quite next to impossible at this moment, yes at this moment. Why because there are hell of people who are putting up their mind and making internet full of their CRAP ideas, words and false accusations for innocent people who are seriously looking for earning money online.

Site who are really giving money for efforts are already full of requests, this is not the case in India only but everywhere in this world.  So any one from economics back ground would understand this situation as when demand increases what happens

So in this point of time, this is my humble request to all internet surfers who are genuinely looking for opportunity to earn should employ some logical search like this:

  • Never go with any searches results which appear on the first 1- 5 pages (it would not be worth to click or search for any real help in those sites as those site owners have spent their time and money to come to this search category i.e. by hook or crook)
  • When you search for online money earning, look for words and content a site displays in Google search at first glance i.e. when you search for online earning, first page when it comes with lot of websites displayed in order, look at the site there only which means read on to the content written below the web address, you can easily predict as what this is all about. Most site would gather information and do the ranking method and rank their site in Google search which leads to real user or person who is looking for information is frustrated at
  • Look for sites which have less ranking as now a days site which does not have traffic, it is not possible but sites which are really useful would never ever advertise about them as they already have so much to do at their end at this moment
  • When you already got mislead by some fake site and that site giving lead to some fake site itself then please don’t share your email id and real password in that site. Let me tell you what are drawbacks to that:
    • They would take your email id and store it in their database for sure as ideally any site does which is ok till the time they have employed sufficient measure to protect that information as per industry standards
    • Now, most of us or may be some use some random password which is quite similar in all accounts and also some secret bank account password too. In this case, this might lead to some kind of data compromise
    • Before using some site for data sharing, do go one step ahead and research about that site as “does that site pay at all or not” read feedback on internet, I am sure that would enlighten you to further data or not
    • Believe in what you see i.e. first glimpse of site would reveal you it is fake or not with experience off course
    • Most worse I have come across is you find site ok to proceed and at the end when you already have created account and all, would give disclaimer as “we only cater to this country only”
    • Most probable Fake sites qualities:
      • Comes in first or second Google search page
      • Would have wonderful site look
      • Would ask you to furnish bank details as how to get payments
      • At last, would slowly slip their charges or something usual to do before getting payment or getting enrolled
    • But I would still say there are some genuine methods which really can be employed to earn money but believe me, no one would ever spread that information so easily, so just believe this fact firmly

Lets know How to Earn Money Online – for free:

There are people on internet who are really to fish innocent people out with their views and suggestions at all time, but please trust your eyes and search more before believing. Why I say that when you would get to know that there are very unique methods now days to earn money

Top 10 Myths to “Earn Money Online”:

Top 10 Myths to earn money online - message to ardent surfers before anyone gets into this world of earn money online scam in some sense
Top 10 Myths to Earn money online
  1. Believe in your eyes and past experience as no one shells out money so easily
  2. If there is a method to earn money, the first and last person who would tell you this is you only and no one else. Which means you would search that method by your effort only and rest whosoever claims for that, believe me he is still earning money by that claim too ( back links)
  3. Use Google search engine properly and wisely as people do SEO to highlight their site and at this moment genuine site are very hard to find
  4. If you wish to earn money online, only thing needed is PATIENCE to find that way and rest would be history
  5. Don’t get into trap of any other medium unless you validate that from internet or whatever medium you think
  6. It is true, “money does not grow on trees” and also it is hard to earn money through some website referred too
  7. People earn money while driving traffic to someone site or their site by giving interviews, links, text links and paid promotion, so please choose wisely
  8. “Don’t believe everyone on internet so easily”
  9. Make your experience count by researching about some site or method on internet itself before submitting data there
  10. The more information blast about some site, more doubtful is that site

Even if someone is willing to spend money online ( on earning method), there are so much options with so much alluring content, one gets confused and frustrated; as a result tries to find another option which is “feedback based”


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