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Something about Meditation– how easy it is and how it is commercialized!!

                 "Meditation is something which can be understood by doer rather than teacher"

Learn Meditation without a GURU!!

Back in year 2020, I started with this website where I have started putting out my work/ thoughts- I write about varied kind of areas which are my own thoughts and learning Believe in this fact as you never know your side of belief until it is tested in your presence i.e. when self introspection hits back and your belief system has varied reasons to defend it firmly; if it is not defended firmly, that’s where comes the space for doubt and inner belief system is shaken up”

What is Self Confidence – Understand my way

Self Confidence; a weapon/tool which is with oneself yet we give out this to other person authority to use it against us. Beauty of this word is that person with no self-confidence falls in to trap of self-humiliation at all times. Person feels like neglected in all respects of life, relationship and social environment. Irony of this word is that if it is not corrected in stages then it would lead to large extent of multi-dimensional impact on one’s life and relationship too

How to do meditation at home for beginners

Its a belief that when someone does meditation, per session he/she moves to spirituality equal to the width of a single hair. Like happiness cannot be measured with anything in this world, there is no instrument developed to measure state of mind; so being happy be in meditative state is also a choice for all of us choose

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