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How to study effectively – Tips and Tricks for free

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Study | Effective Study Time Table; practical & tested method to plan and have a selective study pattern to gain goals/success

How to Study effectively for exams and competitions- this is the common tips every one looking for from successful students, seniors & people who have already excelled in life. Below is the method which is time tested and I call this method of study as SPSM- super power study mode

Study | Effective Study Time Table

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For all above mentioned topics, would have only one answer and that is not a ROCKET SCIENCE but proven methodology used in ages from time to time. Now whatever term or method every one says at this age of FACEBOOK, TWITTER or INSTAGRAM, fact would remain the same fundamentally even you give it cosmetic look

Studying in night makes no difference at all, please keep this fact in mind always as mind is already tired for whole day and you are stressing it out

Sleep on time as our mind still needs rest and when you give it a restart, it acts in super power mood

Studies have proven that even if you work hard or study hard for 12 hours or more, the output is not always proportional to amount of hours you study

“Note that studying is an art of memorizing and understanding the facts which are given in the text or topic which you are reading or listening”

Study | Effective Study Time Table

Now coming to the MAIN PART or POINT:

  • Before reading your book or text or whatever course material you have, make a list of item which are present in the book i.e. make a list of Index items separately which are mentioned in the material so that you can memorize all topic names which you would go step by step before reading chapter wise ( it might sound unorthodox, just do it and then judge me!!)

  • Now since you have noted down Index topics in separate paper or note book, just move ahead and try to understand what is there in each Index topic ( slight understanding which means what you would learn in that chapter or topic)

  •  Now, post this step when you have got little understanding of book/ material chapter wise, now can look up to that book at MACRO LEVEL as what this material or book is all about. This is called FIRST BENCHMARK LEARNING CONFIDENCE or FBLC

  • Now, you have to study in different mode: Please note this part as it would decide your learning from this day on wards  ” you have to study in a mode like your exam is day after tomorrow or tomorrow i.e. you have to assume/ imagine your exam date. This means you have to stimulate your brain in that context. Now the result of this would be outstandingly amazing!! this in turn makes your brain work in focused attitude, You/brain starts working on topics which can be probable questions in exams and starts memorizing fast without FOCUS LEAKAGE believe me!! Make sure when you in that mode, just behave in that mode so you gain maximum out of that mode. It is like a SUPERPOWER MODE in video games

  •  Now, if you have started studying at 11 AM morning, by 4 PM evening, you would be surprised to see the topics or chapters you have covered by that time. Now when you enable this mode, there should be no hitches,excuses or digressions at all( this is a disclaimer)

  • Just enable this mode continuously for 5 days and see your outcome with that book or material (email me at my id later). Now if someone has doubt to this method, just answer this question: Out of 11 months of study in school or college, which is quite a long period, why month before exams is most productive one? Why Exam preparation leave is most productive as compared to all year long studying period?

  • Off course by this method, you would definitely gain an insight about that book / topic which you would remember post exams and later in life too. I call this method of STUDY as SUPER POWER STUDY MODE – SPSM!! This is an immense potential we have in our mind which is always misunderstood by FOCUS LEAKAGE while studying

this is time tested method employed by lot of people in life only that no would tell you this unless you buy a book/ebook!!

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