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Meditate Easily Without GURU at Home for Free

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How to meditate easily; Meditation can be called buzz word in modern life yet most people get hindered as how to practice it in home or do they need any coach or guru for it. For me,”Meditate Easily Without GURU at Home for Free”is quite a statement some one can make at this point in life

  • What is meditation?
  • how to Meditate easily?
  • Why should we meditate?
  • People who do stress full jobs or have anxiety, do they require meditation?

MEDITATION/Meditate – is a way of life which needs to be done with discipline

Some would like to know what is this activity, & which type of meditation should we start with or have some guidance from Internet on this topic; I would suggest don’t do that as it is your body and it is your belief system which needs to be governed by you not who made article on this topic

Meditation guide or meditation for beginners:

Certain Norms for beginners:

  • For beginners, I would request you to first experience what is meant to be a time with yourself
  • Also, dedicate this time where you can spare for yourself completely free (without any digression, probably each day or alternate day)
  • Understand this activity relates to you, as practice this before Old age tumbles you with thoughts/loneliness or some other activity
  • Believe system works better when you believe in believe system – Believe me!
  • Try this activity for just 21 days, if it does not change you from inside, it’s time for you to go back to your favorite world again
  • Last, Post 21 days, if this activity does not impact you for even 10%, take your course of action or Stay!!

It is practice which would ELATE you to some different plane with some time, and if does not, Believe me you are not meditating at all

Meditation – process & steps

How to get started with Meditation/Meditate – practice & steps if combined with Yoga would yield benefits without encountering any medicine for diseases ( meditation with yoga benefits can be seen if it is practiced with professional or learned person around you to help)

Meditation - practice & steps
Meditation – practice & steps

Check your BP before meditation and after, it should give you some promising/inspiring comparisons; rest on this topic, use to verify more


  1. There are no set rules to start meditation- yes to start meditation (meditate)
  2. In meditation/meditate state, your body and mind should rest the same way, when you feed your body with Juices and natural vegetables/food i.e. which ideally body identifies and digests in no time, Meditation should do that benefit to us
  3. When you meditate, one should know that this is a time for yourself not for anyone else i.e. not for mobile, lost emotions, SMS alerts, doorbells, pre schedule things or any digressions from this state
Meditation for Beginners

Must Know meditation tips for beginnersPROCESS:

  1. When you meditate/meditation, I would prefer or just try to get into that state where you reduce thoughts coming into your mind, cherry pick those unwanted ideas or stroke of ideas and throw them out of your mind(try)
  2. (Meditation/meditate- practice & steps) Why it is termed as practice and steps; Ideally it should take some time- depends on person to person and what state person is currently
  3. So following point A for some days or weeks, one would get into that state where one would feel relaxed post meditation
  4. Next stage would would be post A meditative state i.e. should ideally get into half-awake or half sleep state, so this state can be called as THOUGHT LESS or THOUGHTLESS  AWARENESS
  5.  As you continue this discipline of meditation, this THOUGHTLESSNESS or THOUGHTLESS AWARENESS time would continue to increase from seconds to minutes and then hours

Meditation/meditate can be called as Simple, Fast way to reduce Stress!!

“The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a center of peace” – J. Donald Walters

Do you need any teacher or coach for Meditation/meditate- Practice and Steps?

There is no need to have coach for meditation/meditate when you are starting. It is like spending time with our body daily. Later on when one develops state of awareness, one can opt to have different readings or choices as what is the next course of action should be (believe me)

For me, any activity when it is made so confusing to start with, person new to that would loose interest and as a result, such activity DIES ITS OWN NATURAL DEATH. Don’t get into that loop or practice at start

To prove this point, lets look at this:

When we started our studies as toddler, it was mixed with games and fun for some time; as child is taken to school to enjoy and play so that habit of school is initiated. Post which in next classes’ letters are introduced to understand

“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”– Swami Muktananda

A very important role is played by one term when we do meditation/meditate is called as CHITTA or ATTENTION

If this Chitta is not controlled in all of this activity, it leads to disturbed activity all together and then comes when this activity is left

So when someone is in very negative state or in controlled anger or emotional state, one should never avoid doing meditation on that day

More about CHITTA – ATTENTION: It is a virtual part of body which regulates our mind and believe system till we have breadth (PRANA) in our body. Though it is the most pivotal part of our believe system. Our mind is full of everything till we attain adulthood right from childhood i.e. hate, anger, gluttony, love, empathy, jealously and all these which come under such family umbrella. To utter surprise, this CHITTA is the main interface or catalyst which is responsible for further growth to above mentioned traits. The more CHITTA – ATTENTION on whichever traits, that develops end to end from childhood till we become adultThis someone may say meditate, or meditation to some extent but Meditate is from inside not from outside

So coming back to our CHITTA again, it is main owner of our mind and body

It is like one cannot feel hatred without feeling anger for someone, which again relates to taking our chitta to that person at that moment. To add, when one feels angry on their children or children in their home, it is CHITTA which plays a role to replay a series of events which would excite anger for them

Basically, Meditation/meditate – practice and Steps is spending time with our body and taking our CHITTA to every part of body i.e. organs and emotions

There is a proven relationship between meditation/meditate and our brain state as how we react to different emotion each day and night

Dr. Bruce Lipton and his videos related to our body emotions and how we behave to emotions (you can do search his name in )

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” – Lao Tzu

In more elaborative stages, when things get smoother for someone who is meditating for years; identifying their weak emotions or analyzing their own body functions is something which comes a fruit of meditation. A natural glow can be seen on those people who are meditating for some time

(It is not time period which defines ones success in meditation but is that period of state of THOUGHTLESSNESS or THOUGHTLESS AWARENESS)

To people who are from western side of earth, some might call such people with Psyche or sixth sense too but this is all extensions of meditation only

“Meditation is a vital way to purify and quiet the mind, thus rejuvenating the body.”     – Deepak Chopra



  • One would become subtle in reactions or speech
  • Aggressive face expressions appear very less
  • One would be in a state of enjoyment always
  • Sluggishness fades with time
  • Body starts showing impact of this activity with time
  • Most important – one feels blessed all the time

Whatever I am putting here is my personal experience:

Ideally to note this point, Meditation – Practice & Steps is an activity which differs from person to person, like the way each person has different body and mind – some may call this as Meditation technique or personalized meditation methods but it would definitely be different from person to person. It is quite Interesting to know that some may call this as meditation exercise and use this or practice this right up in the morning.

So any course or believe would not suffice.

Again speaking about Meditation – practice & steps is a way to know your mind and body and how it connects to ultimate source of energy, I guess that way it would relate to any atheist too

Knowing yourself by focusing mind where not letting any thought emerge from it i.e. not letting that single point of concentration or CHITA to focus elsewhere… that state is called THOUGHTLESS AWARENESS where person is half sleep & half awake…

if someone experiences this state for even 5 seconds to start with, it would become like an addiction for that person because after this meditation sitting, one would feel like waking up after sound sleep of 12 hours….

There are people who don’t need any quite place or serene surroundings for doing meditation, they focus their chitta on Ajna Chakra and get into meditative state

Witnessed people in Airport, travelling in metro or watching TV, they are in meditative state

Believe me, people who are blessed into this meditation practice have some DEFAULT aura in them, it is not built rather contrived to build in them with all courses floating around, it comes automatically

Even for 5 minute, if we can sit with our body and “thank” all organ parts and thank pervading power (even if someone is atheist), that signal of thanks goes a long way

Do this activity, and watch your state post this session for about 30-40 minutes; all bodily and mind reactions become so subtle

Whatever belief system someone believes in, there is some power which guides, narrates and witnesses all events in our life; like a personalized trainer or manager. Even if we are asleep or dancing, it keeps that thumping going on in our heart

No medical science can make that thumping beat again if it stops automatically and to work normal; Yes what we can do is get to reason as why it stopped to an extent( reactive mode rather than preventive mode)

Thanking for whatever we have goes a long way as by this, a feeling of gratitude gets into our mind and some kind of TINGLING happens in our back bone and sends that TINGLING to our whole body

How medical science would perceive this tingling, its another topic for debate but in nature no one asks for any request or delay but things happen automatically

I would like to quote this lovely example:

when someone sows a seed in land, mother earth automatically nourishes that seed and makes it a plant with minimal requirement which is ideally free i.e. water & sunlight

So if we can sit for 20-25 minutes a day and thank to all pervading power, it sends that belief system to heal our thought and lot of things…no need to worry in this as its not our goal. Then again, we are not donating any money but just that we are thanking in our mind which goes a long way for us

Meditation Books:

a) Meditation for Beginners –  Jack Kornfield Ph.D

b) Meditations (Penguin Classics) Paperback – 27 April 2006 – Marcus Aurelius 

Meditation meaning:

(Explaining things in more practical way) Meditation is an activity which cannot be customized like we have classes for different skill sets now. It is a inbuilt state of mind which is in sleep mode for long i.e. from the time of birth and now if someone wants to agitate it, surely it will take some time.

So that sleep mode is actually different from person to person because of different state of mind and our PRARABH – past life actions

To understand and practice meditation:

Would recommend what I am doing for long – it should ideally bring in subtle quality in you, bring poise state of mind, your actions would be more mature and specially to note, eyes should be full of spark i.e. lemme explain this to you

Spark in eyes – there are some people who are constantly in a state of meditation always which means even if their eyes are open, they are in meditative state. Now point to note:

When someone new gets into meditation, he/she has to close eyes to control their thoughts to some extent not 100% but it does not help to start with- that’s why one should sit and practice meditation daily at starting and try to cherry pick all thoughts one by one and throw them out for at least 30 minutes. So actually we are talking about getting into state of THOUGHTLESSNESS for some time ( its not that easy but not IMPOSSIBLE in some time)

Now to imagine this, people who are in meditative state continuously are so mature in doing this activity, and point of difference between them and US

  • Their mind behaves the way they want
  • mind obeys every command to 95%
  • if mind is ordered to sleep, it sleeps with no questions asked and when mind is told to wake up, it does the same
  • Most important, EYES is controlled by mind to 100% because events, places and experiences are witnessed by eyes- but mind stores them like camera clicks and memory card or SD card stores it. So clicking what is good is required and they do it in well mannered way
  • their poise state is highly addictive (some call this as AURA and some say over confidence)

How to do meditation or how to meditate:

First step in meditation or meditate is whatever state is someone comfortable should be in that state sitting position; do this for some time and then grow substantially. It means when maturity comes in meditation or meditate state, one would easily pass into meditate or meditation state even while travelling, watching TV, watching game, sitting in airport or even flying.

Meditate is a state when the meditating person enjoys his/her company most; have seen people in meditate state with certain aura i.e. glow on their face, talks, words tempo and words usage. One can mistake such person with lot of visits to body grooming center but that is not true, as that is because of some other reason

Meditation, experiment this way to start with:

  • State of the body/mind has to be noted i.e. sit on ground or chair as per age or health status
  • First note that be in some secluded place if you can, as it would help i.e. act as catalyst to experience it more in less time
  • Wear loose clothes appropriately and then close eyes if you are attempting for first time
  • Now when eyes closed, note that single point of thought or that impulse of light which keeps hovering on all topics as soon as you close eyes ( it would start to diminish if you observe it, if you follow then you would loose this battle to overcome it)
  • In this period of mind game or activity which is going on, keep your palms open on lap facing sky (note this please)
  • If you are not able to calm your mind, you can open your eyes for a second or two ( inc case you loose your battle with that impulse of light)
  • Now, in some days or weeks( depending on person to person), one should start observing their breadth right from nose to inside body parts; this oxygen or prana is the cause of all health in our body system. They are completely interwinded with brain and thoughts/vibrations like air & water
  • In advance yoga, breathing in and out gets reduced with practice in a minute i.e. prana in and out period is so slow that normally how much time we take to breathe in & out in a minute, their time is one fourth of that. So ultimately, their heartbeat in a minute also gets reduced and thus it relaxes all muscles of body including heart
  • Everything starts with brain/mind; in hinduism it is said that “everything what we see is inside us, rest what we actually see is all illusion”
  • So in this period, observe that your palms would become cold as compared to body during this period
  • This state, can be termed as THOUGHTLESSNESS journey

If I can say this and someone is truly seeking this- interest to this does not come to every one automatically and why some people have this thought, that is quite a point to note….Enjoy this journey and GROW

Note: if such experience is not happening with any one, I would say meditation fruit is not experienced yet

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