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Meditation- meditate for free now!

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Meditation – meditate for free now with Me

As described in article “Meditate Easily Without GURU at Home for Free”, it is said “Believe system works better when you believe in believe system – Believe me!”

Meditation- meditate for free now!

Most important questions arise now a days is what is meditation or how do we meditate at home without Guru or without any essence, music, resort atmosphere or paid instructor; is it possible for meditate for free now. Lets first know what meditation means as a new term for any one without any deep knowledge about it.

What is Dhyana?

It is the most event full and most interesting point of understanding for a human body

To know something in large scale, “Everything in the universe is pulsating and vibrating – nothing is really standing still”

Om is said to be the original, primordial tone of the universe—the original sound of creation, if you like. It is interesting to note that the astrophysicists have now detected echoes of the ―Big Bang that happened at the beginning of time. And this sound they have detected is a humming sound, very much like that of the ―Om

The sound Om‘, when chanted, vibrates at the frequency of 136.1 Hz, which is the same vibrational frequency found throughout everything in nature. Interestingly, it is also the frequency of the 32nd Octave of the Earth Year

Time Period (T) of one rotation of earth round the sun = 365.256 days x 24 hrs/day x 60 min/hr x 60 sec/min = 31558118.4 sec
So, the frequency (f) of earth year = 1/T = 3.168757 x 10-8 Hz.
If we multiply this with 32nd octave, that is. with 4294967296 (=232),
we get = 136.1 Hz = frequency of the sound OM‘

(Source / reference: Scientific Analysis of Mantra-Based Meditation and its Beneficial Effects: An
Overview – J Dudeja)

As per Wikipedia:

Dhyāna in Hinduism means contemplation and meditation. … It is, in Hinduism, a part of a self-directed awareness and unifying Yoga process by which the yogi realizes Self (Atman, soul), one’s relationship with other living beings, and Ultimate Reality

So the understanding has to be made with this fact only i.e. Dhyana or Chitta

This is the essence of meditation; please know that for all who are looking for any GURU or spiritual healer in life

Irrespective of believe system, this (meditation) is prevalently present in all the beings in this world without any bifurcation. So the bottom line is, this is something which cannot be misunderstood with any dogma which is confined to one specific race.

Note: If you continue to believe that your preserver lies in your home i.e. your protector or whatever term you wish to use, then believe system would always confirm that with you before it becomes a Strong belief for you all life long

Something for mind to know or explore:

If we assume or know/belief that he who controls our world is present everywhere and is strong enough to hold and take care of me all the time

Then, why we need to select a secluded place, yoga mat, essence, music or some Guru to guide me to that omnipresent being?

Understanding: Even if I wake up early in morning and do meditate, that would not change anything for me in a day for sure, but if every morning I believe and strongly believe that I am going to make sookshm (light) changes in me day by day from meditating, surely it triggers a spark in us by day 21st or 30th

Some known or unknown queries:

Why meditation / meditate practice fails in a month?

Most of the new entrants in to this world are like:

  • Waiting for factual results in a week or month (like they measure weight in gymnasium post joining weight loss classes)
  • Post 1 week, no change is noticed physically in them ( face, weight or anything considerable)
  • Most prominent issue, the inner clutter when someone tries to meditate is one which is quite a pain which never lets anything settle down. Even after closing eye, it keeps rotating like a stuck gramophone

So most candidates practice dies its own natural death before it is born; for few who are patient enough to notice change in thoughts, eyes or calmness in eyes- not hovering eyes, balanced temper and aggression

What a beautiful line is “What you seek is seeking you” Thanks to Rumi

Even if you seek a session of true meditation, you can kick start the same at home without any second thought, which is a Plain simple truth

Ok let’s understand this for those who seek a customized resort, or musical place with essence and aroma:

  • Whenever we sleep, there is something is keeping our heart thumping going on
  • Whenever we jump, something which keeps our heart away from shocks or pain( off course after pericardium)
  • Sowing seed on earth automatically germinates into sapling and then plan, there is something which is guided
  • Human is born exactly after 9 months approximately, however there is no chemical or physiological phenomenon like this
  • We grow young and old with automatic time, as every cell knows their limits and timeline

So even if we realize all mentioned above as a beautiful phenomenon and thanks that creator or power, that is also enough to sow the seed of MEDITATION. (Though I have personally experienced people who after doing this practice for first time, started crying rather sobbing to thank that power)

Practical steps for this journey of meditation:

  • Whatever state you are in what time of the day you are, just sit in some comfortable position and relax( relax does not mean you are in sleeping position, as by that position you are telling your body to sleep which it would gradually without any effort)
  • Sit on chair or sit on ground cross legged ( if place suits you), close your eyes to start with as in later stage, you might be able to control Dhyan without any deflection created by eyes as what they capture every moment)
  • Place your dhyana on centre place between two eyes/eyebrows; it is a gradual act to start with( it is quite necessary for all new one as this would enable them to control their Dhyana a lot by this act, otherwise without any point of contact, mind might wander a lot in starting)
  • In some time with serene effort, one might feel relaxed and would go to half sleep state over period of time ( for some yes, and for some in some time). Stay in this position, for some time ( exact time is nothing as it might be 30 min or more than 40 minutes)
  • Even for sitting 40 minutes, if you are able to experience this half asleep state for 1 min or 30 seconds, that is a good start to know( now experience what you noticed with your body and mind)
  • Enjoy this exercise for some time ( as would place another information in this post in 2 days’ time)

I always love to explore the existence of human race on this earth and their purpose, though this whole theme is guided rather taught in a different way to us till we become adult

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