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Happiness formulae | How to be Happy !!

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Happiness | Being Happy(simple happiness words); is a state of permanent health of mind which is quite easy to attain yet diminished with day to day chorus activities

Happiness | being Happy, this term is defined in a vague way altogether because happiness is dependent on person’s childhood friends, home habits and his cravings

Reader reading this would definitely stand to differ with me on this matter as till date happiness is always associated with MONEY or lots of MONEY whereas Happiness | Being happy (simple happiness words) is always a State of Mind, rather than what situation you are in at that moment.

My life, my choice, my rules and my highway is all what we try to attain in life, some one agrees or not but inside this is the blind rule every one follows

HAPPINESS”/ Being Happy is state of mind independent of situation, caste, creed, surroundings and current financial status at all time”

“HAPPINESS” (simple happiness words) is state of mind independent of situation, caste, creed, surroundings and current financial status at all time”

Sudden flash of thoughts can dive us down into happy moments though within seconds current ills like Ego, jealously, fear & aggression may shake that state easily

The switch over of this HAPPINESS state always to non happy state happens when our software( our brain or habits) is influenced by parents, relatives, teachers, social media, friends and acquaintances at early age

This disease is always inflicted happily by our near and dear ones calling it as taking control of our life state

All heroes of life in real are never ever inflicted by any diseases like this as they always controlled their thoughts and emotion up to one point where they can easily bifurcate between black and white

Well happiness had no reason, no special occasion and no special place where it can emanate but it was in abundance; yes that was childhood. I call that a source of happiness state or stage as even after getting old, we get nostalgic to remember old places of childhood, and events

Measuring happiness with money we have is like exchanging real gun with a girl child with a barbie doll, which either ways wont happen

Even if some prized possession we got in our life is not a permanent expression of happiness for life time; which directly rules out that it is independent of any material we relate it too

I remember, some one called me and said, smile please and I had two options in my mind, either smile or ask for a reason why I smile

I call this as a state of influx which all of us suffer from; there has to be a reason for happiness or smile

There are reasons, blessings and elements we already have in our life to be happy with; ” count your blessings” I think that’s why it is said


Happiness | Being Happy !!
Happiness | Being Happy !!
  1. time is continuous which means nothing is permanent – happiness or sadness
  2. respecting moment for the day – key to happiness always
  3. time is more important than happiness or sadness – happiness comes when expectation leaves mind and moment is lived as it is
  4. visions of far oblivion happy moments are biggest pain to daily happiness
  5. blessed blessings to be happy each day – all organs functioning, heart thumping every moment, kidney functioning every day and night, hands and legs body functioning as desired
  6. seeing things with blessed looks – every day is blessing in disguise
  7. believing and accepting each day as another day to live in this beautiful world
  8. loving each body part and behavior/actions of ours – first step to self acceptance
  9. one cannot be happy without loving self first
  10. shoot that person inside who is biggest SELF CRITIC

Age denotes as how much we have experienced this life – now it depends happily or in sad mode

We cannot proclaim this life again as this is IMPOSSIBLE and deliberately made impossible for us humans. There are instances when witness things and there are instances where we try to contrive things as the way we want it to go

No one is ageless and no one is emotionless but difference is every one are living each day – that is the JOURNEY TO HAPPINESS (simple happiness words) as always

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