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“Hosting & stock Market – Ways to earn money for beginners”

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Website Hosting| Stock market for beginners; There is no limit to earning as you should have sense of reading graphs & predicting prices.


Here we would learn some KICK start basics about Website Hosting | Stock market for beginners; topics and key points where any one can research on and start this journey. Well most of us would not know Hosting Meaning or Hosting Website, whereas irrespective of how much money you want to make at this of time of year but Earn from Website hosting i.e. purchasing & reselling hosting does not cost much( for some to get surprised). An average of $30/month i.e. Rupees 2231.40 INR, you can purchase enough space to make a profit, sometimes a huge profit, well this can act as HUGE option to Earn from home #websitehosting

Earn from Website Hosting| Stock market for beginners

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. –Thomas Edison

While all of these websites will be on a shared server, the majority of webmasters do not mind this downside. After all, not everyone can shell out thousands a month just to acquire their own dedicated server.

Once you have found a few loyal customers who will not create any illegal material, you will be generating a profit every single month out of the year. Fortunately about Website Hosting, until you stop your hosting, you will never be out of a job. Surprise to some, there are sites which offer have this offer as Web Hosting Free (Do check out this on Internet)


Earning from Website Hosting

  • Big sites can earn well over $5,000 i.e. Rupees 371877.50 per month. The average profitable websites can earn about $2000 i.e. Rupees 148751.00 in a month
  • Ways for earning money:
  • Google Adsense for monetizing website to earn money
  • Affiliate Marketing, earn money with website hosting
  • DigitalMarket
  • Upwork
  • Shutterstock – selling your creative photography works
  • Zerodha  – Trading / stock earning
  • How website owner Earns Money or from Website Hosting? Whenever Internet users visit a website and click on a posted ad, a small amount of money, usually about 15 cents, goes to the website proprietor from the advertiser or its agent. A website that generates a thousand ad clicks per day would earn its owner $15 (Rupees 1115.63 daily) or $450 (Rupees-33468.97) monthly
Bonus TIPS for Website Hosting| Stock market for beginners:

 ·         When someone is looking for particular website or web address according to their company name, buying authority would try to deal or get website which closely resembles their company name as per words or closest if they are able to find. Suppose that website is taken by someone, company would definitely would like to negotiate that website address from that person and that’s how owner of that web address earns money exponentially (BOOM – you got a future method to earn money with some investment)
 ·         You have to be creative enough to find that hosting web address i.e. site name which would be in demand in near future, if you are able to, then definitely you got a better deal for future 
Hosting & trading – Options to Earn Money

Web site hosting:

Thousands of website publish daily out of which some are for personal use & some for business


Online trading or Stock market can act as biggest way to Earn Money Online which involves trading of stocks through an online platform that facilitates the trading of various financial products such as shares, mutual funds, commodities, etc. For this ,one has to open a Demat account for online trading in Stock market and mostly it is free of cost to open; for example SBICAPSEC and Angel broking, it would not take more than a two days to open an account, please note that which means you are missing some opportunities today onwards to earn from TRADING #stockmarket

Earn from Website Hosting| Stock market for beginners

What is Demat Account?

Demat Account is an account that is used to hold shares and securities in electronic format. The full form of Demat account is a dematerialised account. It keeps account in in electronic format so as easy to buy or sell. Note: NSDL & CDSL provide free d-mat account services (In India)


Note that one can Open Demat Account Online for Stock market trading. Some prefer using their OnlineSbi account for Account Opening. In case one wishes to use SBI for Demat Account, use SBISMART

All it needs is good internet, a mobile banking app and some money in bank account (not more than Rupees 10000 to start with). There are many free and paid mobile and web apps and portals are available on the internet for trading.

How much time it takes to open D-mat account for Stock market trading?
It takes 2-4 days to open d-mat account in India, there are various options available for the same

How much it costs to open D-mat account for Stock market trading?
To your surprise, there are no charges for a basic demat account; off course there is a limit to same as who have shares worth of Rs. 50,001-2 lakh would have to pay anything between Rs 100 and Rs 750. Please ensure to have due-diligence for more information on the same

how to buy shares online?
Individuals can buy shares online with some basic requirement i.e.
Pan Card
Trading / D-Mat account
Bank Account
Broker/ brokerage platform #Tradingonline

How to reduce risk while stock market trading online? #Earnonlinefromtrading
Have fool proof company stock selection method or methodology
Employ analysis as mentioned below to identify company financial strength
Start with least investment, in some penny stocks so that you can monitor your stocks grow or decline and learn
Employ portfolio method as mentioned below to start with
Highly recommend to have excel sheet for oneself for favorite stocks which are from growing industry or in upward trend – monitor them with day or weeks and get confident as how prices move

What analysis one has to do before buying a stock?
As mentioned below, there are some methods from which one can learn some basic steps to start with
Also there is always methods which comes with time depending on stock performance and other external factors
Keeping an eye on market and its volatility helps a lot i.e. as which company is depending on which factors on which other company, what is the requirement currently in market seeing the domestic or foreign demand and also which sector you are looking for at that moment#stockmarketforbeginners

Can someone really earn from stock market?
Off course yes, stock market is always dependent on “PRICE” & “DEMAND” factor. One who has biggest quality in him/her i.e. PATIENCE (to learn things) can always earn ##Earnfromwebsitehosting

Does small Cap Stocks v/s large cap stocks differ? what actually is difference?
There are lot of differences to explain this i.e. large cap companies or larger market capitalization has more market in terms of size in money and small cap have comparatively less market cap.
Large cap tend to be less volatile in rough phase compared to small cap
Small cap companies are available in less amount compared to bigger one

Limit of earning:

There is no limit to earning in stock market as you should have sense of reading graphs & predicting prices; there are other things too which you would after reading this article about stock market.

HOLD On, it is not IMPOSSIBLE to earn here as giving 2 hours a day to start with would yield more fruitful results in next month’s on wards, if you start slow with very less amount. Stock market is VOLATILE for sure, but learning, experience and studying tips from other learned people around yields good return in stock market

It is to note that when you decide to invest in Stock market, have two decisions in mind i.e. Investing or trading

There are shares in stock market in which you put your money to Invest


there are other shares in where you trade to earn money

There are very well known names in stock market who have already attained rather sustained their growth with certain methods; go on and read about them online. Moreover, I would give you this details, try to get hold of “portfolios” as how they diversified their money in different stocks with certain numbers


Create your login in stock market website i.e. & and then add your stocks which have purchased; it keeps details automatically each day without you checking online for each stocks as how much gone up or down. It is quite convenient way to know your stock performance in stock market daily.

 “Trading can act as Insurance in long run to cover your extra or unexpected expenses of life” 

Below topics can be termed as Earnings | Earning Tricks for Stock Market Trading:

  • One can reduce loss when in stock market trading with most appropriate selection of stocks in which you would invest i.e. you would buy stocks / share (online) of which company
  • Company can be listed in NSE or BSE ( search about BSE or NSE, NYSE or country wise exchange( search in to understand this fact more) so price and listing can be different
  • Make sure to study stocks/share of companies with historical price background, which is available in website like, or
  • Study about following factors for different company stock selection ( study on your own from  and any one can get to know about these terms if you are SERIOUSLY interested to make money online in stock market)
    • ROCE – return on capital Employed
    • Debt to Equity
    • Market cap 3 years back compared to current
    • Monthly return v/s quarterly or six monthly return
    • P/E ratio
    • Promoters Holding
    • Dividend yield
    • Use RSI (relative strength Index) method to see stock performance, ideally it is always set at 70 (upper limit) and 30( lower limit) but you can reset it with 60 & 40
    • Use Moving average to see stock price, see that current stock price should not be above average and also the current stock value is greater than face value
    • There are other methods also like Pivot Values, Heiken Ashi, candle stick which you would learn the moment you would start visiting above mentioned websites
  • Make sure to create a portfolio i.e. a range of investment in the form of shares purchased for different companies. For example, if Rupees 10000 to be invested, investment/trading should look like this:
Rs 1000Company A
Rs 2000Company B
Rs 3000Company C
Rs 4000Company D
Portfolio Example
  • Diversifying ones choices of shares/stocks yields medium Risk related to trading. As mentioned about, choice of companies and how to choose from definitely a catalyst for identifying and minimizing risk and increasing profitability
  • Studying sector wise stock performance is also a good habit, note that
Earn from Website Hosting| Stock market for beginners

Online Trading:

With some practical knowledge, one can jump into this stock market instead of thinking not to FAIL

“When we make MONEY, we start making MISTAKES – Jack Ma”

This market called as Stock market is highly volatile, as investors like us who become share holders when they buy stock shares always try to make sure there is no risk attached to the company in which they have invested in, and will always keep their eyes or ears open about stock market and its movement

Thank you for stopping by, generally update article every week for more PRACTICAL or relevant information, do check for updates!!

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Stock market for beginners

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