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what is SEO – Ways to Learn for Free?

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what is SEO; understand this word from Internet / search engine perspective as how Internet gets to your words/articles for relevant information

What is SEO
SEO – Search Engine Optimization

what is SEO?– search engine optimization

As per,

SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is an art of ranking high on a search engine in the unpaid section, also known as the organic listings

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine likes to show it as a top result for searches of a certain keyword


=================FIRST PART=====================================

what is SEO and how it works?

Now question is why you need to know SEO and what benefit would you get out of this activity?


  • Billions of searches are conducted online every single day. This means an immense amount of specific, high-intent traffic

  • It is basis on which your topic on your website would be ranked while someone searches same topic

  • It helps you to rank your website topic accurately in your niche


It is basically a common tool through which you would be able to make mark for your content or your website in this infinite world of Internet

what is SEO in blogging?
If you are a blogger or a website owner, please know this items clearly before you start looking for revenue from your blog or your website:
  • URL structure
  • Meta tags
  • HTML text
  • URL slug
  • Corner stone article
  • On Page SEO
  • Keyword content heading
There are other items also which you need to know, to start with, you should know all these


Now, Let us take an example of a search done on and how it shows result:

Now understand this:
Whatever is shown on searches, please note carefully
  • Search keyword
  • Website names
  • 1st details below website address
  • 2nd details below first one
  • Certain tags or keyword finally i.e. sell car, car price, car reviews
Understand like this:
  • The third search result which shows “Sell Car online for Free” this is called Title tag & “ list your used car for sale at Cardekho” and that is meta description
  • These all details are fulfilled before website or content is put on internet for better searchable content online
Hope you get some insight after seeing this!!
These all are carefully done for a website or blog before it is published on Internet. Someone must be doing this activity carefully so that they rank first on first page

Now, if you are thinking like this:

Whatever content you put on internet from blogs or some site you have created, people can see easily on internet, please note that it is not true

Unless until you have followed certain rules to make your content available online easily i.e. available on first or second page, you are not VISIBLE in this world of internet

=================SECOND PART ==================================

Before publishing your content online, please read about following:

  1. SEO tools

  2. Optimization

  • Keyword Title

  1. Image SEO

  2. Target based content

(Bigger detailed topics ones only as understanding this would automatically lead to smaller topics too)

Understand background of search ENGINE – it is basically pulls our results based on what you are searching for. Example: you searched for beauty tips for marriage

Now what you can expect:
  • Closest website satisfying your keyword to the maximum, although if you search same above mentioned topic now also, it would give you certain points mentioned in the first website itself displayed for this search, and then below the website address other details
  • Try to do this on your own couple of times and then compare with your content online

So it means what?

It means that people try to GUESS that keyword which ideally someone would search for on Internet and try to build their content based on that and do other things like – putting same keyword more in that content, putting same keyword on first line, then second and throughout the content

So as a layman like us, understand these points:

  • Before writing any content, look out for MOST SEARCHABLE FIT keyword on which you would base your content on

  • Then comes creating user enthusiasm, content purity, content maturity, and value for the information provided

NOTE: if you are in hurry to write content, please do this homework before writing any content

Now what next:

Where you would find most searchable keyword as per factual data based on search results?

There are several website who would give you these results with factual data behind any keyword, at country wise or world wise. The website names are as follows:

There is more website apart from this, please try to find which suits your interest more

Note, they charge certain amount for these results and it is not FREE!!


“Now there are other areas which I do not wish to put here. It would confuse readers and also I am targeting most novice people at this time of pandemic so that are heading towards goal slowly without any ignorance”

=================THIRD PART ==================================


Before picking topic on which you would like to write, research extensively so that you can create an authentic content which becomes worth to search for and use

Believe me when we search something on internet and we are BOMBARDED with most irrelevant articles which we really ignore; we extensively skip those slightest relevant articles or content with a thought.

  • Your content should be in funnel mode i.e. problem, main goal statement, options and then final answer
  • It should have factual data to prove it across
  • Should have less grammatical errors, short sentences and words easy to understand
  • Should have variation in text size while reading ( why it is required: imagine you receive newspaper at your home, to your surprise find that every information on paper is of same font size with without heading or highlighted)
  • If you would like to read your content again and again and get benefitted, believe me others would too

Watch out for next post on more technical details about site – be it a blog or website

Thanks for reading!! Do comment in case if I missed any information regarding “Novice reader about SEO”

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