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FBI warning for Windows 7 – understand in detail

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FBI Warning for Usage of Windows 7; a very subtle yet a extremely important warning for all who really do not know this fragile world of Information Security


22nd Jul 2009  –  Jan 14 2020

Microsoft stopped providing support for Windows 7 post January 2020, as its time period ended by that time or Microsoft support ended for that i.e. it means there would be no support provided for this windows version and also, there would be no patch update for this version which is very important to note

What is Windows Patch: Patch is kind of code that is provided online for that window which is being used by user and it comes in form of new updates to download. Just like updates available for mobile, same way update is provided online which user has to download from internet

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 7 and FBI Warning

Since Microsoft stopped security UPDATES for Windows 7, which in turn means updates in form of measures to address new vulnerabilities identified would not be supplied by Microsoft. Well this means systems running on this version are more vulnerable to browser issues, malware and other attempts for hacking.

Point to note that lot of malware enters our system through browser vulnerabilities only and Windows 7 can be a cake walk to use and exploit

So keeping this information as background, FBI i.e. Federal Bureau of Investigation issued warning to general public to stop using windows 7 as this can lead to major challenge to security and update their windows version

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