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Meditation – Enjoy Life for Free!

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Meditation – Enjoy Life for Free!

Have already posted couple of articles on meditation or meditate, but the essence of meditation/meditate is always understood by the doer rather than the reader

Meditation/ meditate is defined as most controllable or cumbersome activity which cannot be measured or rather subjective results. This is the activity which has roots to self-transformation and self-satisfaction. One cannot explain the experience of this one to another one, why?

  • Every person has its own way of connecting to inner self i.e. either through words, prayer, self-isolation or group meetings. So this means the method to connect to itself varies from person to person perhaps it cannot be same most of the time
  • So the words or belief of words comes automatically from inside while at that place or defined area ( whatever place you can call that)
  • Most of us would not explain or reiterate those words to any one, not even to your near or dear ones as those are methods or ways to connect,
    • why?
      • Because those words might have no meaning to another person
      • One is afraid as those words can be joke to some people around
      • Might doubt one’s method prayer i.e. it may lead to joke of the town
  • Same way, one cannot modify or customize those words for any one, it is next to impossible. Cause as a person we might have that feeling of blessings from common words too but it is highly impossible that someone would know another person way of connection to self so deeply

Meditate or meditation would certainly have to personalized thing to everyone who notices it or have tried once in life time

Why the hell in the world I or anyone should be afraid of connecting to myself?

Why I/anyone needs to pay someone to connect to myself?

Bottom Line: Not trying to sell my e-books or course at the end making money for this stuff but simply putting my words across as how I felt it deeply

Seeing a dead body lying on cremation ground, no one can tell how rich that person was!!

Yeah for sure, seeing his/her relative and their aura of money, one can surely tell, So this is a REALITY SHOCK to feel and observe!!

To my readers, please do not assume I have attained old age (i.e. above 65 or 70) only that I was exposed to this activity long ago as teenager so now that is the outcome of this conversation. Most probably, this thing was never discussed or told to anyone previously too

Working 9-5 does make sense for survival but at old age, staring those green pastures or outside window in fact kills to observe how old age would be

 One cannot deny as this TIME passes by faster than we imagine or think! We can’t say so why because, imagine:

  • About time to a lady who is delivering a baby
  • Time is at different pace for people who are waiting for their first day in college, dream company office, dream home or dream car delivery
  • Same time is in most cunning shape for people at old age ( some of them as I am optimistic)


Out of 24 hours of day, we are awake for 15 hours approximately for most people i.e. if we take 6-8 hours of sleep, other time is spent on bringing food, preparing, digesting or arranging and rest in eating

So out of this busy schedule, we would have most time on couch i.e. either on couch car seats or home, or in somewhere else- you know where I pointing at

So investing time on our self if mostly confined to having some skill set learning or making you tube videos but not on this activity (meditation or meditate)

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