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How to write first BLOG Post – Ways!!

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How to write first BLOG Post; practical method to write blog post which reaches intended users keeping aside our inner gluttony or gloom

Blogging is what your destiny is!!

If you are able to get this far and taking pain to know how to write blogs, believe it this is your destiny, you love it and you are here!! CONGRATULATIONS

Your Destiny

Not a mere coincidence due to which are here, believe in your passion and now pursue it

Your Vision

Take all steps to bridge that GAP which can take you closer to your dream passion

Passion, vision & hard work

Passion & vision, believe in dream and pursue this enables to jump into that world of illusion / utopia. View that world come true by cornering your inhibitions. Just taking a step might lead to a world of dream!!

Listen From People who followed their dreams

“they followed their passion, they did not follow anyone to get successful. Something which works for someone would not work for us, a hard fact to stick to our mind or hall of fame”

To follow

  • Find a niche for yourself first
  • find topics in that niche is not available online
  • find what information which is unique
  • add your “touch” which signifies you & your style

Know your niche in complete

  • Niche – A niche is a focused, targeted area that you serve particularly well. It is small (and the smaller the better). It is specific. It is known to you
  • work out well for this topic i.e. enhance information apart from what you already have it in you
  • we do not look for common information same way, no one does

Meet your Passion

meeting your passion means meeting what you have it in you, find it and its easy

Beauty Blog

Book Image

Books to read blog

Blogging about Happiness

To start, browse your hands with Facebook page creation and then switch to blogging. Success would come automatically if the content put in facebook attracts viewers and likes, you are on right track. Consider facebook as your barometer in content creation

to make your mark, first make your mark

know what you good at

view your content from searcher view

try to know your readers

website traffic to your site, immaterial, if you have content, you would get automatically

do unnatural way of thinking, as that’s what has always created history

Love what you write, then publish

you yourself your judge, do you like what you written?

do not follow others, they make money by making you follow them

last but not least, respect your passion!!

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