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Rules of Success – to be succesfull

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Success rules – to be successfull are rather guidelines/suggestions that needs to be adhered with time line only.

Time line is important

Any task without timeline is an activity / hobby which ends up becoming a TIMEPASS finally.

One can recollect instances in where he/she had intiated a task to be completed with timeline which was not followed and ended up becoming a hobby; satifying themselves with excuses

Success or being successful has direct correlation to two factors mainly

  1. Timeline
  2. Discipline

Any activity which has direct result with some defined timeline has got discipline to follow to achieve the outcome whatsoever result is i.e. positibe or negative

Schools / colleges final exam has time line of one year in where one has to prepare and then give final exam. If missed, another time line comes after another year, there is no exception that final exam would come after 2-6 months at all that discipline or norms

To achieve something in life when we grow, the time line and discipline has to be defined by us which is not defined by authorities like school or colleges.

So the norm is we have to define timeline and discipline as what time period we would take to complete the task with what discipline

Success comes to those who have defined timeline with discipline in all areas. This is a major paradigm shift in ones mind shift which makes a person successfull in all areas

It can be proven with facts that anything in life demands above mentioned two factors only. It can be life relations, exams, any goal, any long term bucket list dream or anything related to spiritual context. We always get dettered with other things in life which needs less attention other than what we want.

A lame example can be: while driving on high way, if one has dire need to take bio break, his/her all focus is shifted to have that break. Why because body making you feel the URGENCY / shifting focus to that need rather than anything else

If defined diligently, this focus can be cultured in mind to achieve any successfull task completion. Sucessfull or getting success in life is all about two factors defined above.

Search Success or how to be success full on internet, you would find amount of articles defining nothing but loads of words and areas where to focus rather than a practical side of life which can be implemented with set of words to follow.

NATURE is simple yet our upbringing and our thoughts makes it complex all the time

An embryo in womb takes total 9 months without fail with ease, it does not hurry as that is the discipline and timeline. On contrary, if that timeline is not followed, one has complication to expect

We are no one to challenge nature in all aspect as of now and later in life too!!

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