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Top 3 best selling shoes under Rs 7000!!

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This festive season, most of the websites are offering discounts to the maximum i.e. Amazon and Flipkart and other too for all items approximately and surely be it online or on stores, you can still catch up best selling shoes under Rs 7000. Before we go the best selling shoes under Rs 7000, read on to my advice before shopping

Most important point which needs to be kept is that we need to take care how this SHOPPING SPREE would impact our credit card statement at the year end which near by

Ensure to have maximum savings even if you are on shopping spree, remember as we are still in middle of nowhere!!

Check out for following:

  • there are items which are categorized under 80% discount which are wardrobe for men, women and children so flip side of it that you might end up buying which is utmost not necessary
  • There is another considerable discount of 80% for women in some classes but make sure to have clothes which don’s stack up with out use( remember, you do have such clothes there with you still)
  • do check out online and stores too i.e. deal of the day which are real catch if you REACH ON TIME there, yes ON TIME!!
  • If you are really interested to buy or check out some stuff online, do take out some time may be midnight or early morning which would definitely yield some gain due to off time
  • Specially women, please select items and put it in the cart if you are shopping online and then spend final time to remove items from cart which is merely a GUT IMPULSE ~ IMPULSIVE BUYING

Top handpicked shoes below Rs 7000 from brands like Nike and Adidas. All displayed products rank above 4.3 in user rating in Amazon website

Nike Men Flex 2018 RN Running Shoes

Adidas Men’s Chaos Running Shoes

Nike Men’s Renew Run Shoes

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